About CPA

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What is CPA: A two days course that teaches people exactly how profit is made in your business, how cash flow is affected and how in their own job they can make a difference. CPA is a "business accumen" course and not merely a finance course (read more /en)

How does it work: Using a unique board-based simulation, participants sit in the "driving seat" of a totally transparent business and while managing it learn in an interactive way how a business is run. Through CPA's methodology cash flow and profit become visible, easy to understand, and great fun to learn about (read more /en)

What are the key objectives: Building business Awareness, understanding key performance indices, devoloping decision making and strategic thinking, analyzing ways of improving corporate cash flow and profitability, understanding how your role affects the overall cash flow and profitability of your company!

What are the results: By the end of the course, participants have realised how important profit and cash flow are to the company's success, and are empowered to make efforts through their daily work to improve the results. Apart from realizing what it means to run a business, the participants have taken away concrete knowledge on basic and advanced business and finance knowledge (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Budgeting, Cash Flow Forecast, Stategic planning, Market differentiation, Pricing methodologies, value creation) (read more /gr)