What is unique about SW

Storewars is the leading computer based simulation that was developed by Marcel Corstjens, the Uniliever Chaired Professor of Marketing, INSEAD (one of the wolrd's top 10 international Business Schools).

Storewars is the sole simulation that

  • models two different levels: suppliers and sales channel (distribution). Thus, for both retailers and suppliers, winning the game implies both satisfying consumers and creating good suppliers - retailers relations.
  • its model is based on real European markets. Its development was based on sales and marketing data from manufacturing and retailers across multiple markets. 
  • consumers are also shoppers, like in real life and are influenced both by suppliers' marketing as well as the retailers' marketing and in-store activities
  • retailers and suppliers negotiate using incentives that are actually being used in real negotiations (e.g. listing fees, terms of payment, volume discounting)